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Computer Services

On-Site Service

Computer failures can bring almost any business to a halt. With fast and reliable on-site service from MHz Systems, your issues can be dealt with professionally and promptly. Our technicians can install software, resolve software and hardware issues, upgrade hardware, and install new systems right at your location. We have all the correct tools and knowledge to bring the computer shop to you within hours, not days.

Computer Repair

MHz Systems has a complete computer service center located right here in Fort Collins. Using the latest hardware and software diagnostic systems available you can be assured that your computer woes will be solved the first time around. With an extensive part inventory, we can offer you the right solution and quickest turn around time available. Our highly trained technicians can offer you the best service at the best rates without any surprises.

Network Setup, Network Servers, Data Cabling

MHz Systems has the tools, technicians, and knowledge to implement a network that will fit your company’s requirements. We can design the layout of your network, install the proper medium (CAT5, Wireless), configure workstations and servers, and most importantly, train the users on the many functions of your network.

MHz Systems can configure a single server to a cluster of servers using the proper operating system to get the job done. With technicians installing and configuring the Microsoft family of servers you can be assured that you are getting the best service available. If you want to lead the way with cutting edge technology of Linux servers, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver the right distribution and solution to your company.

We also can maintain and upkeep your existing network. Years of experience give us the confidence to learn your existing system so repairs and upgrades can be accomplished correctly. Please, invite us into your business and let us show you what we can do for your network.

Custom Built PCs

From a network workstation to a high-end graphics editing system, MHz Systems has the parts and resources to assemble the right system for you. We only use reputable brand name components so you know that only the best is powering your investment. We encourage you to compare our prices to other system retailers so you know you are getting the best value for your dollar.